Target Badge Exam Preparation

Target Badge – Brief Preparation

NCO Announcement

NCO Announcement

  • Where THE BOYS’ BRIGADE was first started? Glasgow, Scotland
  • Who is the founder of THE BOYS’ BRIGADE? Sir William Alexander Smith

  • When THE BOYS’ BRIGADE was established? In 1883
  • What is the Emblem of THE BOYS’ BRIGADE? An Anchor and a Cross
  • What is the motto of THE BOYS’ BRIGADE? Sure and Stedfast
  • What bible verse is Sure and Stedfast? Hebrew 6:19
  • What are the twin pillars of THE BOYS’ BRIGADE? Christianity and Discipline
  • What is the object of THE BOYS’ BRIGADE?
  1. “The advancement of Christ’s kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tend towards a true Christian manliness.”
  • What is the mission of THE BOYS’ BRIGADE?
  1. To nurture Youth, based on Christian values to lead and serve
  • What are the core values of THE BOYS’ BRIGADE? Discipline, Obedience, Reverence and Self-Respect
  • Who is the president of THE BOYS’ BRIGADE in Indonesia? Ibu Resien Chiu
  • Who is the captain of THE BOYS’ BRIGADE in IPEKA? Capt. Budi Santoso
  • How many years that THE BOYS’ BRIGADE have been serving in Indonesia? 25 years
  • What is the company of BB IPEKA? Second
  • What is the first company of BB Jakarta? Sekolah Pelangi Kasih
  • What is the third company of BB Jakarta? Beacon School
  • How many District Company of THE BOYS’ BRIGADE in Indonesia? 12
  • What is the district of Jakarta? Third
  • The highest rank of BB member is? NCO – Staff Sergeant
  • Sing The Anchor Song, BB VESPER, Table Grace, Indonesia Raya and 1 of the Indonesia National Song.


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